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The Engineering Institution of Zambia CBU Chapter is dedicated to empowering and enhancing the skills of engineering students. We provide various opportunities for students to gain practical experience and industry-relevant skills.

Innovations in Zambia

Explore the latest engineering innovations in Zambia.

Innovation 1
AirFlow Master

Developed by lapansi industries for room heating and cooling.

Innovation 2
Dual Solar Reflection System

The System increases solar panels output power by 30%

Innovation 3
Electric Car

Made by the students under the Robotics Club CBU .

Building Engineering in Zambia

Engineers in Zambia play a vital role in addressing the challenges faced by our people. They need to have practical skills to develop innovative solutions and build products that can be exported and sold locally. This not only contributes to the growth of the engineering sector but also provides employment opportunities through manufacturing.

By equipping engineering students with these essential skills, we contribute to the overall economic growth of Zambia in the following ways:

Together, these efforts contribute to the development of a robust engineering ecosystem in Zambia, strengthening our national economy and fostering sustainable growth.

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  • locationThe Coppert University ,Jambo Drive Riverside Kitwe
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